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Here are 11 reasons why Eleven is the full service event company for you.

Solution Oriented Case Studies

Sunset Concert Series

Chocolate Soiree

Pet Project Runway

Sunset Concert Series

Eleven not only creates events, we create solutions. A popular Colorado destination ski resort was looking to drive commerce even after the lifts had closed. Eleven identified the challenges and opportunities for the client to create a new summer identity.


The Resort needed to change the public’s perception that the resort was purely a winter vacation destination. They also needed to create revenue during the summer months for its stakeholders such as lodging partners, retailers, restaurants and activity operators. Finally, the Resort needed family-friendly and affordable programming that would invite people to drive from the surrounding counties and major metro area 80 miles away.


A free weekly summer concert series every Wednesday, from June to September provided the Resort with consistent, fun programming that built positive word of mouth in the surrounding communities. Scheduling concerts on Wednesday evenings drew crowds on otherwise quiet weekdays for restaurants and retailers. In addition, Lodging partners could offer long weekend lodging packages. The series of events allowed for maximization of talent buying and production budgets.


The Resort drew 28,000 visitors for the summer concert series, while enjoying a surge in positive PR and new coverage of the event. Furthermore, the Resort created a signature summer “brand” that they could build for future summer success.

Chocolate Soiree

Eleven not only creates new events, but can breathe new life into existing ones. A popular and iconic children’s museum was looking to revive an annual fundraiser that had gone from “the event to attend,” to lackluster status and attendance. Eleven identified the problems from previous years and reason for a decline in sales, designing a comprehensive plan to re-introduce the party to the people.


The museum needed to change the public’s perception that the annual event was not only poorly designed and executed, but also only for an exclusive group of people in the community. In addition, new and originally event programming had to be designed to serve as additional revenue streams to meet financial goals.


Eleven managed the design of the new event brand, including logo and creative. We designed a new and clever PR campaign to unveil the re-envisioned event, complete with communications to past guests, city officials and business leaders to attend an “all ages” press conference on the steps of the museum. Community-wide promotion continued with a Willy Wonka-style “Purple Ticket” contest with chocolate bars sold in local retailers. The event itself included innovative and exciting event design and entertainment that appealed to both young and older guests.


The event attendance increased by 30% compared to the previous two years, and for the first time in ten years, exceeded the fundraising goal established by the Board of Directors. Relationships with past donors and sponsors were reestablished and rejuvenated.

Pet Project Runway

Eleven not only enhances established events, we help to amplify the brand by creating new signature events for our clients. An animal-welfare focused charity was looking to create new revenue streams while raising awareness of homeless animals and adoption in the community.


The organization faced increased financial pressure to pay for a new and rapidly expanding facility. There was also confusion in public perception with the identity of the organization and its practices, as compared with a County run facility with a poor reputation for animal-welfare.


Eleven created, from the ground up, a series of three original events to raise funds and public awareness for the organization. Each event was designed to target a different demographic, while being inclusive in nature. In addition, each event was designed to be a completely new and innovative twist on the standard charity experience, inviting guests to interact and bring their animals to the events. New branding and marketing strategies were created to sell each event to the people of the community, providing a fun and creative series of messaging from the organization.


Over $130,000 in revenue was raised by these events in the first year, and the organization enjoyed a huge growth in positive PR. Strong relationships were established with corporate partners, and community officials. In addition, visitation and animal adoptions increased significantly from the previous year.

Meet Christy

Meet Casey

Christy Medford

Christy puts the “L” in logistics - creating organizational magic for her clients. She knows no stranger, and can talk her way in, out and through just about any situation. Always the thrill seeker, Christy can be found jumping out of airplanes, skeet shooting on her family's farm or traveling off the beaten path. She loves a good challenge, whether it’s tackling a complex budget or creating the perfect Bloody Mary. Christy has mad skills.


Casey is the other half of ELEVEN - the Ying to Christy’s Yang. She’s passionate about design, family, anything British and her disdain for the Selfie. Convinced that she should have been a Studio 54 regular, Casey is most at home stage right, watching Stevie Nicks, the Stones, or Grace Potter with the rest of the crew. Enjoying both good champagne and the champagne of beers, Casey is pretty darn versatile.

Meet Jessica

Jessica Gumbert

Jess brings creative and marketing savvy to Eleven along with an insatiable desire to learn and stay current. Jess is a doer who can, well, do anything from bake a great cake to build anything out of wood. Jess can be the creative, handle logistics and budget, help plan an event of any size and, as a Wisconsin native, talk football and cheese with the best of them.

Client Reviews

"Working with Eleven Events is a non-negotiable if you want to provide the best event your guests have ever attended. Eleven Event’s professional orchestration of highly detailed and involved events is incredible to witness. Their team is professional, approachable and just “gets it”. Having worked with Casey and Christy on Highlands Food and Wine this past year, I can easily say that there is no one else in the Southeast who has the same level of resources and capabilities. If you can dream it, they can create it! You can put your faith in this company, because they will always blow your expectations out of the water!"

Ashley Brown, Ashley Brown Strategy

"Eleven hits a home run for me every time. There isn’t a curveball that is thrown at them they haven’t hit out of the park. Whether managing minor gatherings or our region’s premier recognition event, Eleven always delivers on execution and creative vision. My job depends on event perfection and I would not choose anyone else to partner with."

Ross D. Myers, Region Marketing Manager, Verizon

"Christy and Casey are true pros. Through many years of experience in the event production industry, they have learned the most important of skills - creative thinking. And they apply that creative thinking to every aspect of what they do: concepting, designing, planning, budgeting, managing. You get that creative thinking across the board. Plus, they are incredibly trustworthy and they really care about their clients. They are the best event producers I have ever worked with, and I have worked with many. If you want your event to be a huge success, I have some advice for you. Hire them. Worst case: you will have the best partners in the business. Best case: you will have that AND two new good friends."

Joe Saracino, Vice President of Brand Strategy, Advertising and Media, Chick-fil-A

"When we were planning an out-of-the-box event, everyone we spoke to suggested that we use Eleven events. I found Casey and Christy to be incredibly creative, and completely bought in to the event. They went over and above on every step from planning to implementation- and their enthusiasm was contagious."

Derek Lewis, Executive Director, Greenville First Steps

"Working with Eleven Events is a truly great experience. We’ve collaborated a lot over the past seven years and each event has been a huge success. We’ve rocked a ski slope in Aspen and a Natural Foods Conference in Anaheim - there isn’t much that they can’t do. You’ll have no regrets - you'll get top-notch, professional service, AND have a blast at the same time."

Andrea Anderson, Account Supervisor, C3 Presents

"There is no doubt that Eleven is the best in the Upstate (or anywhere for that matter) at realizing a vision, supporting a strategy, and engaging in audience through innovative events."

Lauren Roach, Director of Marketing, Wyche law firm


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